Firewalls explained – A guide for non technical people

You may have heard the term “firewall” before and know that it is something to do with IT security, but what exactly are they and how do they work? With IT security now the responsibility of business owners, partners, directors or charity trustees, it is now important that these people understand what types of firewall exist and how they help protect client data. At it’s most basic, a firewall is a type of filter which ensures that data following between…

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Why small and medium businesses are hackers’ favoured targets

Why small and medium businesses are hackers’ favoured targets According to Watchguard Technologies (a leading Internet security vendor), a staggering 80% of small and medium businesses believe that they’re too small to be of interest to hackers. However, their research shows that it is exactly these companies which are hackers’ favourite targets. But why? A false sense of security leads to an easy target As many small businesses don’t think of themselves as a target, they don’t bother to take…

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