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WiFi has a dirty secret. For the last twenty years even “secure” WiFi networks have been open to six well known attacks. What is worse is that hacking tools exist which allows someone to exploit WiFi with next to no technical knowledge or experience.

What can be done? Although the The WiFi industry lacks sufficient standards around layer 2 WiFi security, there is a fix. This is why IXCG is committed to the Trusted Wireless Environment, a proposed set of standards which ensure that WiFi networks are fast, easy to manage and secure.

Meeting these three goals is not hard but very few networks achieve them. Research carried out by IXCG in 2019 showed that just 0.03% of WiFi networks are not properly secured.

All WiFi networks we will propose, sell and install (unless we are asked otherwise) meet the three goals of the Trusted Wireless Environment.

How do I know if my network is vulnerable?

There are some very simple tests which show if your network is vulnerable. These tests require specialised equipment so we’re offering network vulnerability tests for free*. Simply book your test and we’ll let you know if your network passes or fails.

What if my network fails?

If your network fails we’ll show you how to fix the issues you have. If you need new equipment we’ll offer you either a way of enhancing the network equipment you have, or offering you a new system at a discounted price.

How do I learn more about the Trusted Wireless Environment?

Visit the Trusted Wireless Environment web site to learn more.

*Wireless assessments are free if your network is fully compliant or you ask IXCG to address to the highlighted issues. £50+VAT will be charged at time of booking and credited or refunded as appropriate.