IXCG VoiceStream cloud based telephone system

VoiceStream is our groundbreaking cloud-based public branch exchange (PBX) telephone system. Being based in the cloud, VoiceStream is affordable, scale-able and simple to deploy and doesn’t have the initial high purchase costs or support requirements of a traditional PBX.


Unlike traditional telephone systems, there is no need to buy and support the main system it’s self. All you need are the phones.

Two Digium desk telephones
Digium desk telephones work with all VoIP systems and feature advanced features.

We can either supply them to buy outright from us, we are able to supply them on a rental basis of you can provide your own (as long as they are compatible).

The pricing structure is very simple. You pay for each extension (which has it’s own direct dial number), your calls and any options you choose. You can either pay for each call individually or buy a bundle of inclusive minutes. Trunks (incoming numbers) are free of charge.

With prices starting at just £14+VAT/month per extension, a standard VoiceStream PBX can be run for less than the price of a standard telephone line. Calls are considerably cheaper than standard BT call rates and paid for individually or as part of an inclusive call bundle.

Designed for a distributed workforce

VoiceStream Plus offers additional features especially designed for distributed and remote workers. Videoconferencing, instant messaging, automatic call forwarding and mobile soft phone app allow staff to work as though they are in the office, when they’re not. VoiceStream Plus is £20+VAT/month per extension.

Advanced features

Do you need conference calling, voice menus (Interactive Voice Responses – IVRs), call recording or Customer Relation Management (CRM) software integration? Not a problem. VoiceStream offers all of these features.

Crystal clear calls

VoiceStream uses high definition voice over IP (VoIP) codecs to ensure that calls are always crystal clear. They are also very efficient meaning that a single 8Mb/s broadband line can support over 500 simultaneous calls.

Simple to deploy

Unlike traditional telephone system, VoiceStream doesn’t need any specialist on-site hardware (other than the desk telephones) meaning that it doesn’t need any space, power or cooling. It also uses standard data cabling and network switches meaning that you won’t have to make a major investment to deploy it; just plug the phones in and start calling.

Transferring existing telephone numbers (porting) is free of charge, hassle free and managed by our team.

If you don’t have sufficient on-site IT skills, or would prefer to have a proven working system from day one, our professional services teams will ensure your deployment is a success.


 12 month contract24 month contract36 month contract
VoiceStream Standard
Per user, per month
(£10.00 if ordered before 31st July 2020)
(£10.00 if ordered before 31st July 2020)
(£10.00 if ordered before 31st July 2020)
VoiceStream Plus
Per user, per month
(£12.50 if ordered before 31st July 2020)
(£12.50 if ordered before 31st July 2020)
(£12.50 if ordered before 31st July 2020)
VoiceStream Standard
with handset rental*
Per user, per month
VoiceStream Plus
with handset rental*
Per user, per month
VoiceStream Standard
with 1000 minutes of landline calls
Per user, per month
VoiceStream Plus
with 1000 minutes of landline calls
Per user, per month

Feature Comparison

FeatureVoiceStream StandardVoiceStream Plus
Call TransferYesYes
Speed DialYesYes
Hunt GroupsYesYes
Call ForwardingYesYes
Call Forward When BusyYesYes
Call Forward When No AnswerYesYes
Call Forward When UnavailableYesYes
Caller IDYesYes
Outbound Caller IDYesYes
Send Voicemail To EmailYesYes
Do Not DisturbYesYes
3 Way CallingYesYes
Call WaitingYesYes
Caller ID MaskingYesYes
Number MaskingYesYes
Caller Name RecognitionYesYes
Hot DeskingYesYes
Call ParkingYesYes
Call ReturnYesYes
Softphone Mobile and DesktopYes
Team Collaboration (Audio)Yes
Team Collaboration (Video)Yes
Team Collaboration (Screen Sharing)Yes
Personalised Music On HoldYes
Instant MessagingYes
Marketing NumbersYes
Outlook Contact SyncingYes
Online / Offline/ Away IndicatorYes
Mobile Voicemail NotificationYes
Smart Call ForwardingYes
Smart Email NotificationsYes
Sequential Ring (Multiple Devices)Yes
Simultaneous Ring (Multiple Devices)Yes
Call BarringYes
Call BargingYes
Anonymous Call RejectionYes
Automatic Call BackYes
Call JuggleYes
Pre-Call Recorded MessageYes
Priority Caller AlertYes
Group ExclusionYes
Call ScreeningYes
Screened Call RejectionYes
Call Barge ExemptYes
Out Of Hours Call ForwardingYes
Call LogsYes

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