Telephone and Internet services

Reliable communications are the lifeblood of a business; if your customers can´t talk to you, they will talk to one of your competitors! And with the uptake of collaborative and cloud based systems, a reliable Internet connection is now more important as ever. With our extensive experience of data centres (specialist buildings for housing computer systems used by large companies) we can bring our knowledge of high availability communications to your business at a price you can afford.

Telephone systems

Modern telephone systems can revolutionise your business; not only allowing you to answer and deal with customer enquiries faster but also giving you full business data on the person calling and allowing customers to manage their own appointments, bookings and orders. We are able to supply IXCG VoiceStream, our own cloud-based system or on-premises systems supporting a couple to thousands of extensions. Most systems support analogue, digital and Internet telephone lines, allowing them to easily grow with your business. Features such as music on hold, conferencing and automatic provisioning of handsets are also available.

Telephone lines and contracts

Should you need a new line, we are able to install a range of analogue and digital (ISDN) lines, call packages and support agreements. Analogue lines, also known as POTS lines, are the most common style of telephone line and are suitable for small numbers of lines. Digital ISDN lines are better suited to telephone systems which need to handle a large number of concurrent calls. Both are available on a range of contract terms to suit your needs.

As well as the lines, we offer a range of call packages for new and existing lines. We offer traditional pay-per-call and inclusive call pages with automatic discounts for heavy users.

Internet services

Internet access, both in the office and out of it, is a vital part of modern businesses. Access should be fast, affordable and as reliable as possible and we are able to assist with reliable broadband, wireless, cellular, satellite, leased line and private network connections at prices which are lower than the major suppliers.

Whether your needs are a single broadband line or managing a number of connected devices out of the office, we can assist you with provisioning the connections, securing them, preventing unauthorised access and use and ensuring your business remains connected to the Internet and cloud services at all times.

Managed services

In addition to supplying and installing systems we can provide a complete end to end package for your telephone needs from installing new lines to providing custom hold music and monitoring and supporting your telephone system.