Network cabling and infrastructure

For many organisations, not only do IT systems help their staff work more efficiently, but they are a key aspect of being able to trade. However, many companies overlook three of the most important aspects which are vital to ensure that they get the best from the IT investment; their network cabling, power and cooling.

Structured cabling

A reliable network is the backbone of an IT installation, providing users access to data and resources including data, telephone calls, CCTV and proving access to the Internet. With network speeds now reaching 10Gb/s, cabling standards are getting ever stricter making installation and testing and increasingly specialist area. And poorly installed network cabling can result in slow computer applications, data loss, poor quality telephone calls and CCTV images too unclear to assist with legal proceedings.

Fortunately, at IXCG, our cable installers are all data centre grade (the highest level) and have installed both copper (Cat 5e to Cat 7) and fibre cabling for clients ranging from small offices and schools through to multinational banks and government clients. For high security applications, tamper proof containment is available to prevent access to cabling bundles and specialist keystones and fly leads are available to prevent unauthorised physical access to the network.

All installations are fully tested, certified and covered against defects for twenty five years meaning you can have complete peace of mind in the quality of our work.

Electrical power

A selection of APC uninterruptible power supplies.

Unreliable power leads to data loss and hardware power. Image Copyright APC

It’s easy to take mains electricity for granted but it can be the cause of a great deal of IT issues. Not only can power cuts stop systems working, but sudden shutdowns can cause serious data loss to modern computer systems and require specialist recovery. Likewise, variations in the voltage and frequency of mains electricity can be highly disruptive and expensive; poor power quality is estimated to cost the European economy up to €150 billion annually, according to the Leonardo Power Quality Initiative, and the U.S. sees losses ranging from $119 billion to $188 billion, according to research by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

IXCG is able to supply a complete range of power protection products, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and back up generators, power conditioning units, monitoring and switching systems to keep your systems safe and highly available. Our qualified electricians and consultants can ensure that it’s safely installed and maintained and our remote monitoring service can ensure that everything is running perfectly.

Cooling and air conditioning

Although IT equipment can run in high temperatures for short periods, running it at an elevated temperature for mid to long periods can be highly damaging. Most systems use multiple fans to cool their internal components and higher temperature cause these fans to run at higher speeds, shortening their lives and causing extra noise and vibrations which, in turn, can cause other components, such as hard drives, to run more slowly.

Although cooling the air with a commercial air conditioner can help, it isn’t really suitable as it doesn’t condition the air properly; dry air can cause static electricity to built up which, in turn can lead to component damage and data loss. Specialist cooling systems are not expensive, and offer significantly better value for money than general purpose cooling units, as they are able to both cool and correct it’s humidity.