Watchguard M4600 & M5600 firewalls

The Watchguard M4600 & M5600 firewalls provide comprehensive protection for large businesses

Firewalls are a critical part of a modern network, preventing threats from entering your corporate network, and data from leaking out. However, each firewall needs careful management and, for agile organisations, the initial purchase price can be high and licensing terms inflexible.

IXCG Watchguard Secure is our Firewall as a Service offering which allows you to pay monthly for your firewall licensing and management. Watchguard’s extensive range of firewalls cover organisations of all sizes; from single users and small offices to large locations with thousands of users.

The same Watchguard protection….

With IXCG Watchguard Secure, you get the same award winning Watchguard protection including gateway anti-virus, anti-spam, web blocker, application control, advanced persistent threat protection and botnet protection.

…monitored and managed by professionals

As a Watchguard Partner, our staff are experts in configuring, updating and running Watchguard firewalls. With IXCG Watchguard Secure, we manage them on your behalf (although we are happy to support your IT staff if you would prefer them to perform the management). In addition, all systems are monitored by Watchguard Dimension, the monitoring and reporting system designed by Watchguard, and which all clients have access to. Dimension produces clear, easy to understand reports so you can see exactly who is doing what on your network and what attacks are being blocked.

Simple to install

IXCG Watchguard Secure appliances are quick and easy to install. Whether you want them to sit between your internal network and the Internet or to be the hub of your different networks, Watchguard Secure can help. We provide full remote installation and provisioning assistance and on site installation support can be arranged if you need it.


Starting at just £45/month (+VAT), IXCG Watchguard Secure puts security well within the reach of everyone.The Watchguard logo