Your guests deserve the best. When they visit your establishment, many demand fast, reliable and secure guest WiFi and this requirement only increases as your client base becomes more tech-savvy and remote working becomes more common.

However, research by IXCG shows that as few as 0.2% of WiFi access points are properly secured meaning that many hospitality businesses are putting their clients at risk.

WiFi is good for business

WiFi is a great way to encourage clients to spend longer in your establishment, using your services and sharing details of your goods and services with their contacts via social media. It is also a fantastic way of collecting marketing data, as clients must share data which can positively identify themselves for legal reasons, and this data, along with information on what people are doing with the guest WiFi they provide, can give insights into who your clients are, their interests and why they do business with you.

But secure WiFi is better for business

A hacker in a hoodie

Hackers are experts in locating and exploiting weaknesses in computer systems

However, security is very often overlooked in most guest WiFi systems, which puts them, and your business, at risk. Stealing passwords, banking details or personal information from guests or customer data (and payment card information from your own systems) is trivial for someone with basic WiFi hacking skills and freely available equipment.

Secure, managed WiFi from IXCG

Most hospitality businesses would rather spend their time ensuring their clients get the best possible experience, than ensure that their guest WiFi systems are security monitored and managed. This is why IXCG provide a specialist Managed WiFi for Hospitality service. As standard the service provides:

  • Fast, reliable WiFi for both guests and internal users.
  • Active security defences and monitoring means that your system is protected from malicious activity all day, every day.
  • Full 24×7 security logging and reporting so you can prove that you are meeting your legal regulatory obligations.
  • Fully customisable guest portal with personal data capture and social media integration.
  • Optional chargeable guest WiFi.
  • Controller-less remote management – Not need for expensive WiFi controllers and on site visits.
  • User behaviour monitoring – See where your clients are spending most of their time and when.
  • Active performance monitoring – We can let you know where black spots and interference affects your clients’ WiFi experience.
  • Single or multiple site reporting – We can manage and report on as many sites as you have; whether it’s a single location or multiple locations around the globe.
  • Automated compliance reports – Easy to read reports prove that your WiFi networks meet industry compliance standards.
  • Optional Friendly WiFi certification – Ensure that your WiFi keeps children safe with this government backed certification.
  • A wide range of access point types for shared areas, individual rooms and external areas.
  • Choice of WiFi, networking and security manufacturers.
  • Professional security and monitoring services from a professional IT security company.
A diagram showing WiFi faults

Our advanced WiFi monitoring system can detect and diagnose failures before your clients notice; without the need for us to send staff to your premises.


Complete peace of mind

With WiFi being a requirement of many star rating agencies, and an expectation of customers, a fast, reliable and secure WiFi system is a necessity for any hospitality business. Many regulatory agency standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) require regular WiFi assessments to ensure that networks which handle payment data aren’t compromised.

IXCG provides a complete solution so you can concentrate on looking after your guests, safe in the knowledge that the needs of your business, your guests and regulators are all being met.


Our Managed WiFi for Hospitality service starts at just £12 (+VAT) per month, meaning that it is well within the reach of most budgets (and considerably cheaper than fines for non-compliance!)