Data and Electronic Waste Disposal

Once it has reached the end of its life, IT equipment requires specialist handling. Not only must it’s physical disposal meet the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, by ensuring that it is disposed of at an authorised electronic waste centre, but the data on it must be completely wiped to ensure that sensitive data is not available to third parties.

Data storage devices are particularly resilient and removing the data from them is far more complicated than simply deleting files, formatting drives or even physically dismantling them. Each of these methods leave the data intact for those with the right skills and equipment to recover them.

In service life data disposal

Every time a file is deleted on a computer, storage device or mobile device, either all or part of the file will remain on the device. We offer a selection of solutions which fully wipe files when they’re deleted on devices, wipe “slack space” (areas where files have been deleted) on file servers and storage arrays and ensure that USB storage is completely empty before it is reused.

End of life data disposal

When equipment reaches the end of it’s life, care should be taken to ensure that it is completely clear of data first. We have solutions which can either wipe all data without damaging the underlying hardware (so it can be used again) or completely destroy the hardware for complete security.

WEEE hardware disposal

IXCG provides a number of secure physical disposal services which meet the current WEEE regulations. Where possible, our data removal systems are CESG certified to ensure that your data is securely wiped.

Disposal services start at £10+VAT meaning that ensuring your data is protected when a device has come to the end of it’s life is affordable for organisations of all sizes.