IXCG Workplace Secure

Workplace Secure allows organisations of all sizes to enjoy fault free, secure IT

IXCG Workplace Secure solves the most common problem companies face with their technology; managing computers is hard.

Staff have problems, software goes wrong, mobile phones and tablets need applications installed on them and everything needs to be kept up to date. And every problem can lead to lost productivity, staff frustration and lost business opportunities.

IXCG Workplace Secure solves these problems by providing:

  • 24×7 technical support and monitoring based in the USA.
  • Continuous system and device monitoring with proactive problem resolution.
  • Software and security patch monitoring, management and deployment.
  • Fast detection and response to security incidents and breaches.
  • Help desk system with issue tracking and reporting.
  • Security reporting and management.
  • Easy to read reports so you know what issues your IT systems are facing.
  • Software inventory, management and deployment so your staff always have the tools they need to do their job.
  • Advanced remote control and management tools.
  • Automated task management.
  • Support for five devices per user, regardless of their type and operating system. For example, a Windows PC, Chromebook, iPad and Android phone.
  • Entirely managed from a single web console.

Workplace Secure provides a simple to use, one-stop-shop for IT management and security.


IXCG Workplace Secure is highly affordable solution. It is priced per user (with support covering up to five devices they use such as workstations, laptops, tablets and mobile phones) or per device (for network devices and servers).


Workplace Secure works around your staff. Whether you have an IT department, are looking to enhance your technical capability or if you have no technical staff, Workplace Secure is the ideal solution.

A large room with desks and multiple monitors on them. The Networks Operations Centre identifies and responds to technical issues.
The Network Operations Centre monitors systems and network components and responds to issues often before users notice them.

For organisations with no technical staff, the solution can act as a virtual IT department. The Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors all systems and network devices to make sure that everything is running smoothly, resolving issues before they impact users. If issues to happen, users can contact the helpdesk for fast, efficient support.

If an organisation has an IT department, the system can function as a complete management and support tool and help desk with the IT staff responding to all alerts. Optionally, to help reduce workload on the local staff, our NOC and/or helpdesk team can provide triage support.

Easy to deploy

The solution is easy to deploy. Our On-site Manager discovers and manages devices and workstations on the network. For remote workers, a lightweight agent can be installed manually or via group policies.

The On-site Manager is an application which can be run on any existing machine or as a hardware appliance. It’s managed and updated by the web console.

Network Operations Centre

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is optionally available to monitor and respond to issues with your technology. The NOC continually watch your devices and network, looking for current or potential issues. If an issue is identified, the NOC will respond according to your preferences, either alerting your organisation or fixing the issue (which can often be done before it affects your staff!).


Our US based helpdesk are optionally available 24 x 7 to respond to your staff members queries and problems. The helpdesk use the inbuilt ticketing software to keep users informed of the process of their issue and to give managers an insight into the health of the IT systems.

Full reporting

A full range of technical and business reports are available so you can be sure you are getting value for money. These reports can highlight areas of your business which are facing challenges, equipment which needs replacement and meeting or failing to meet legal requirements.

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