IXCG DataSafe – Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

A disaster, whether natural or man made, can strike any organisation at any time, and disasters caused $136bn of insured losses in 2017 globally, according to estimates by Swiss Re.

The individual cost to a business or public service can be huge, resulting in lost productivity, equipment, data and custom. Although many services can be moved to cloud work loads, cloud providers can have issues while many can’t, requiring physical servers to be housed on site, making them vulnerable to disasters such as fire, flood, threat or terrorist attack.

Although backup solutions allow data to be protected, recovery back to a working system can take hours and require that a similar physical or virtual server be available for the data to be recovered to. If the disaster affects many clients, availability of these servers can be severely impacted for weeks (as happened as a result of the US 9/11 attacks) meaning that workloads can be offline for weeks.

Simple, fast recovery from disaster

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a service which combines data protection (backup) with a guaranteed availability virtual platform, meaning that servers and services can be brought online within moments of a failure. IXCG’s DataSafe platform combines both traditional Backup as a Service (Baas) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) into one easy to manage, affordable package. Protected systems can be brought online in the DataSafe private cloud with the click of a mouse (or the touch of a finger on a mobile phone or tablet) meaning that they’re available within moments.

Simplified networking

A managed, easy to deploy VPN virtual appliance links the client’s site(s) and the DataSafe cloud, preventing data snooping or loss in transit. The VPN means that DRaaS protected hosts can function as part of the local network (LAN) or be assigned their own public IP address(es), making them ideal for public facing services (such as web servers, web apps or federation servers).

Isolated testing or additional capacity in moments

Automated testing is included as standard so you know your platform will work when you need it most. For non-disruptive testing of a custom fail over scenario, start recovery servers in the DataSafe cloud testing environment and keep testing isolated from the production network. Need additional capacity for a busy time? Just bring an additional server online to help with sudden increases in workload (if your application supports it).

Data protection as standard

As well as providing disaster recovery for an entire machine, data protection is included as standard, allowing individual files to be recovered back to a system. In addition, all the backup files are monitored for and protected from access by non-authorised applications, preventing malware attacks (such as crypto-locker malware).

Wide range of supported platforms

IXCG Datasafe supports Windows, Linux, most major hyper-visors (including ESX and Hyper-V) and applications (including Exchange and SQL Server).

Affordable and flexible pricing

Pricing is affordable, simple and flexible. You pay for the total amount of data that you’re protecting, a small amount for each system you wish to protect and, when they’re running in the cloud, the running costs. These can be paid for monthly, based on your usage, or up front as “usage credit packs” which are used up as the service is used. Usage starts at 24p/GB/month, plus options.

Quick and simple to get started

You can protect your data within an hour of placing your order with us. Simply install the agent on the machine(s) you wish to protect, deploy the virtual VPN appliance and your protection will start automatically. If you have a large amount of data, seeding is available; send your data on a compatible hard drive and we will copy your data directly into our datacentre (a small charge applies for this service).