Cloud Services

For many organisations, “the cloud” is a mysterious entity while, for others, it is a way if transforming how they interact with clients and supply services.

So what is the cloud? Put simply, it is a way of using services supplied on a flexible basis, usually with a “pay for what you use” billing arrangement and usually supplied by a third party company. This may sound complex (and it can be) but, typically, cloud services give the following benefits:

  • No high initial purchase cost.
  • Flexible billing.
  • Fast deployment and disposal.
  • Low management overhead.

Some of the most common cloud services include:

Productivity tools

Office 365 and Google Docs are the two leading office productivity tools available in the cloud. Both provide email, word processing, spread sheet, presentation, storage and collaboration tools.

Telephone systems

As workers become more mobile, traditional telephone systems can struggle to keep up. IXCG VoiceStream is a virtual PBX (private branch exchange) telephone system which provides all the features of a high end telephone system without the high initial purchase price or running costs. Calls are crystal clear due to HD sound and can be routed between multiple devices (such as desk phones and mobile phones) across multiple locations, so calls can get through no matter where the recipient is.

Security services

Managing security systems can be a challenge for many organisations, especially those with remote workers, which means that cloud based systems make a lot of sense.

IXCG offers antivirus/malware, security monitoring and two factor authentication as cloud based services.

Data analysis

Data analysis, whether it’s to improve the way your organisation operates, spot trends that give a competitive advantage or try and work out which products you’ll need to order, has typically been the limited to large organisations who have had the budget to make the heavy investment needed to purchase and run the systems needed. Cloud based data analysis allows smaller organisations to have the same competitive advantage as the larger companies on an ad-hock, pay-as-you go basis.

As well as being able to provide these services to clients, IXCG is also able to offer a wide range of consultancy services around feasibility, business impact, project management, security, migration and backup.