Consultancy Services

Consultancy, providing expert advice, is the main business of IXCG and why the company was founded. Although the types of consultancy we offer varies between large corporate customers and small and medium businesses, we use the same pool of consultants meaning that each one has extensive experience of both small and large technology deployments and multiple industries.

Let our consultancy team have your organisation to use technology efficiently.


For large corporate customers (typically over 5,000 staff members per location, with offices in more than one country) we

typically offer the following consultancy services:

  • Unix consultancy
  • Windows consultancy
  • Storage consultancy
  • Virtualization Consultancy
  • Security consultancy
  • Disaster Recovery & BCP consultancy
  • Web systems consultancy
  • Datacentre consultancy

For small and medium businesses (SMEs), we typically offer the following consultancy services:

  • Business consultancy
  • System design
  • Server & workstation consultancy
  • Security consultancy
  • Disaster Recovery & BCP consultancy
  • Web systems consultancy
  • Remote working consultancy
  • Cloud Systems Integration Consultancy

Although these are typical consultancy engagements, we often are asked by clients to provide bespoke offerings. If you have such a requirement, wish to know more about our consultancy services or wish to enquire about our services, please contact us for further details.

Helping drive efficiency

Technology is a great way to drive business efficiency, but only if it is properly implemented. The wrong systems can frustrate customers and users and slow business processes. IXCGs consultants work to understand your organisation and then make both technology and business recommendations to ensure maximum efficiency.

Advice on compliance and legal requirements

User data is a valuable commodity meaning that it is protected by many local and international laws and failing to follow these laws can result in hefty fines and legal action. However, knowing which laws apply to each type of data and business function can be challenging. Our consultants can help guide you through the process of identifying where you need to change your business functions to comply with legal requirements and implementing those changes.

Cyber and physical security

As data is such a valuable commodity, there are, sadly, criminals who choose to steal it. This could be via physical methods (such as physical theft of computer systems, bugging or theft of data storage devices) or electronic methods (such as hacking, phishing or man-in-the-middle attacks). IXCG has been providing security advice and assistance for over 18 years to our banking, media and government clients as well as small and medium enterprises.