How to avoid cyber-security incidents

IXCG deals with a large number of malware, virus and cybersecurity incidents every year and, in 90% of cases, a lack of basic planning means that a minor outbreak becomes a major, and very expensive, incident. With prevention costing roughly 5-10% of the cost of an incident, why are so many businesses getting it so wrong? The most common factors with incidents are that the affected organisations either believed that they wouldn’t be a target, or that someone else in…

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Is antivirus all you need?

Many companies take they view that as long as they have an antivirus package installed on their computers, they’ll be fully protected from cyber attacks. After all, many antivirus packages offer a wide range types of protection, and are sold as a “one stop” solution, but is that the case? Very often not. What is the point of antivirus products? Computer viruses first appeared in the 1980s and were quite simple. Initially, written as a way of demonstrating the author’s…

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