How to avoid cyber-security incidents

IXCG deals with a large number of malware, virus and cybersecurity incidents every year and, in 90% of cases, a lack of basic planning means that a minor outbreak becomes a major, and very expensive, incident. With prevention costing roughly 5-10% of the cost of an incident, why are so many businesses getting it so wrong? The most common factors with incidents are that the affected organisations either believed that they wouldn’t be a target, or that someone else in…

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Firewalls explained – A guide for non technical people

You may have heard the term “firewall” before and know that it is something to do with IT security, but what exactly are they and how do they work? With IT security now the responsibility of business owners, partners, directors or charity trustees, it is now important that these people understand what types of firewall exist and how they help protect client data. At it’s most basic, a firewall is a type of filter which ensures that data following between…

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