Endpoint control

How to avoid cyber-security incidents

IXCG deals with a large number of malware, virus and cybersecurity incidents every year and, in 90% of cases, a lack of basic planning means that a minor outbreak becomes a major, and very expensive, incident. With prevention costing roughly 5-10% of the cost of an incident, why are so many businesses getting it so wrong? The most common factors with incidents are that the affected organisations either believed that they wouldn’t be a target, or that someone else in…

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The unsavoury side of USB storage

The unsavoury side of USB storage USB storage, (such as thumb drives, hard drives and mobile device integrated storage) is incredibly common in most workplaces. It’s cheap, convenient and provides a way of transferring or backing up large amounts of data easily. And, unfortunately, it is these attributes which make it a huge risk. A hacker’s friend Due to it’s ease of use and popularity, USB storage devices have become the favoured method of attack for many hackers and criminal…

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