Emotet malware evolves to spread via WiFi

Emotet, a common and highly damaging piece of malware, can now spread via WiFi and almost every WiFi network is vulnerable. After starting as a banking trojan (malware designed to give remote access) in 2014, Emotet has continually evolved. It’s first major evolution allowed it to spread malicious software, such as crypto lockers, making it popular with cyber criminals worldwide. Now, research by Binary Defense has discovered a new evolution, the ability to breach WiFi networks. Until now, Emotet had…

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20 years of IXCG

2019 marks IXCG’s 20th year of trading. IXCG was originally founded to help large companies connect different computer systems, something which was extremely challenging at that time. In the late 1990s, there were considerably more operating systems than there were now and manufacturers often made communicating with their competitors systems challenging, if not impossible, to ensure that companies didn’t move to another vendor. The Internet was considered new, and not very well supported, but companies were keen to use it,…

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Free dedicated WIPS sensor when you purchase qualifying Watchguard Wireless products

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System, known as WIPS, is a system which identifies threats to your wireless network and takes active steps to mitigate them. It’s a highly recommended technology but one which is not commonly deployed by many organisations, despite it being the most effective way of preventing intrusions into wireless networks and regular airspace assessments being a regulatory requirement in some industries (such as retail and hospitality). To make deploying WIPS, and protecting your customers’ data, more affordable IXCG…

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IXCG at Security and Counter Terror Expo 2018

IXCG will be exhibiting at Security and Counter Terror Expo 2018, the UK’s leading event for national security professionals. The expo runs from 6-7th March 2018 and will see over 9,000 visitors from over 110 countries learning about the latest in threats and products, services and systems which can mitigate them. IXCG will be showing the latest in cyber security systems from a number of our partners and explaining how they work together to provide a complete “defence in depth”…

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