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Information security is a major challenge for most organisations and gets tougher every day as new devices are connected to the network, new threats are discovered, customers become more security aware and legal requirements increase.

Traditional IT security systems can be difficult to manage as different aspects require different systems and different methodologies to protect them. Which is why Watchguard produce a range of simple to manage, integrated security appliances which allow you to choose the features and protection you need. Unlike many companies which offer different Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), remote access and Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices, Watchguard appliances can offer either or both functionality, easing management and can be upgraded at any time. And for clients needing to secure wireless (WiFi) and cloud services, Watchguard can help as well with a range of physical and virtual modules.

Firewall products

Thee complete range of Watchguard firewalls and wireless access points

Watchguard offer a range of firewalls and wireless access points to suit organisations of all sizes.

Firewalls are a basic component of any computer network. Acting as a filter between networks, they help ensure that undesirable traffic doesn’t enter the network (such as viruses and network attacks) and sensitive data doesn’t leak out.

Watchguard produce a range of Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls which inspect every packet of data passing through them for advanced attacks and data loss. Both physical and virtual appliances are available in a wide range of configurations to suit a wide range of business and technical needs. They are affordable, easy to manage and offer excellent protection for small to large organisations.

All units come with Watchguard Dimension, an advanced reporting engine which makes managing hundreds of firewalls easy. Easy-to-read reports make understanding how your firewalls are protecting your organisation, and which data is being used, simple for both IT staff and non-technical people.

We have a guide to firewalls for non-technical people here.

Secure Wireless (WiFi) products

WiFi is a standard part of most modern networks, but securing it can be challenging. Unlike a physical network, you can’t control who has access to WiFi so easily and skilled attackers can bypass the standard WiFi security features easily.

Friendly WiFi Approved Provider logo

Friendly WiFi certification shows clients that the guest WiFi you provide is safe for children to use.

Watchguard offer a range of secure WiFi access points which not only meet the latest WiFi standards, for super fast access, but they also actively defend against attacks. Unlike most WiFi systems, which can only identify an attacker, Watchguard Secure Wireless access points can actively disrupt or block their attacks as well as identify where they physically are. Unauthorised access points, both malicious and accidental (such as incorrectly set up equipment), are also identified and can be blocked automatically.

Guest WiFi services are fast becoming a standard service in many businesses but must be carefully handled. Not only do Watchguard Secure Wireless access points make setting up secure guest WiFi simple but, coupled with a Watchguard firewall, they can also meet the Friendly WiFi standards. Friendly WiFi is a government backed scheme which identifies organisations which provide guest WiFi which has been filtered to make it safe for children to use.

Secure access products

An Android mobile phone showing the AuthPoint app

AuthPoint combines prompts users for additional information on their mobile phone or tablet to ensure it really is them trying to sign in.

WatchGuard AuthPoint is a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solution which protects again password theft and cracking. When prompted, users either enter their log in as usual and confirm their login via their mobile device, enter a code shown on the app or use their device’s camera to scan a QR code on the login screen of the service they’re trying to log into.

By combining something they have (their mobile device), and something they know (either their password or their device’s PIN), users are protected from password theft or loss, as both are required to gain access to their devices.

Windows, web application and remote access connections can all be protected as AuthPoint supports Windows login, RADIUS, SAML and ID Provider Portal (IdP) authentication methods.

Let IXCG secure your Watchguard solution

As a Watchguard partner, IXCG can help your organisation get the best protection by:

  • Identify which products would suit your needs best, including site assessments and surveys.
  • Provide and install new equipment as well as upgrade existing Watchguard products.
  • Provide Watchguard products as part of our pay-monthly Managed Security Service Provider services.
  • Licensing and subscription services.
  • Friendly WiFi certification.
  • Provide ongoing management and monitoring.
  • Ongoing security assessments and penetration testing (ethical hacking)