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Mojo Networks is redefining the modern WiFi platform. Imagine the scalability to set up millions of access points with a few clicks, all from your smartphone. Envision an Internet experience that engages users with your business to drive results. Stay secure on the same WiFi cloud powering Fortune 500s, Global 2000s and the highest levels of government. And enjoy the cost savings of a cloud-first solution without the pricey markup of proprietary hardware. Welcome to the era of prolific connectivity. Founded in 2003, Mojo Networks (formerly known as AirTight Networks), serves customers in the Fortune 500, Global 2000 and large carriers around the world.

Fast, reliable WiFi

Mojo access points (APs) offer unparalleled WiFi performance. There is a wide range of internal, external and hospitality specific models available to suit every requirement, while each access point features at least two radios to ensure that both the older 802.11 a/b/g protocols as well as the newer 802.11 n/ac are supported. In addition, features such as band steering, and quality of service ensure that clients always get the best WiFi performance.

Simple to manage

All Mojo access points are controller-less by default, meaning that they are managed via the cloud. Just plug them in and the simple to manage template system configures them within minutes. Clear management dashboards make managing APs and security issues simple, and advanced cloud machine-learning engine technology makes identifying complex performance issues simple.

And if your organisation isn’t ready for the cloud yet, a virtual machine appliance is available to allow you to manage them internally.

Industry leading performance

While most APs offer Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Mojo APs are the only one to offer and Intrusion Prevention System. This patented system means that rather than only alerting you to intrusion attempts, Mojo Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) is able to actively block or disrupt attackers according to predetermined rules.