APC by Schneider Electric

APC (American Power Conversion) provide electrical, physical, environmental and security management systems which ensure that IT equipment is properly housed and maintained.

Power protection

IT equipment needs a reliable, high quality electrical supply to work efficiently. Although it is obvious that electrical blackouts cause systems to stop working until the power supply is restored, what is less obvious is the damage done to the systems and the data they hold when the power goes off. In addition, high voltage events (surges) and low voltage events (spikes) are common, and yet almost invisible, causes of data corruption and damage to system components. APC produce a range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and power generation systems to protect systems of all sizes, and their data, from power loss and unintended shutdown.

Power management

Just as important as ensuring that reliable power is available is ensuring that power is delivered to the right location, in the right format. APCs range of power management and distribution systems ensure that power is reliably supplied to IT systems, with optional power control and monitoring to aid facilities management and IT staff in understanding and controlling their system’s needs.

Physical control and environmental control

All IT equipment needs to be operated within very specific environmental parameters to ensure it operates reliably. Temperature, humidity, airflow and the volume of particulate matter in the air all need to be carefully managed and maintained to prevent data loss and damage to the equipment. In addition, systems and the data they contain, make a very tempting target for thieves meaning that physical security and CCTV are wise precautions. APC offer an extensive range of equipment storage cabinets (racks), environmental monitoring and control systems, physical control systems and CCTV to help you ensure that your IT investment is correctly operated and protected.

Partner services

IXCG is able to provide the following APC products and services:APC Select Partner logo

  • Supply and install power, racking, cooling, environmental and security products.
  • Project management for installation, upgrade and enhancement projects.
  • Remote monitoring and management.
  • On site servicing.