About IXCG

At IXCG, we believe that technology should be simple.

The purpose of any IT system is to improve efficiency, allowing staff members to do more in the time that they’re employed or allowing customers to locate information about goods and services themselves.

That is why we focus on the people which use the system and the business problems they face, from the senior management to the trainees, before we focus on the wires and chips.

It’s a policy which means our clients include UK and overseas government organisations, multinational banks, media organisations, manufacturing and retail organisations and small and medium businesses. And dealing with such a wide range of different clients who work in such a diverse range of businesses means gives us an unparalleled insight into how organisations best use technology and the most common mistakes they make.

IXCG was founded in 1999 as a specialist in getting different IT systems to communicate with each other (something that, before the Internet standards became commonly used, was a major challenge) before becoming a limited company in 2005. In those eighteen years our staff have been involved with some of the largest, most complex systems in Europe as well as working with small organisations to successfully grow into large organisations.

We are based in Essex, UK, which means we are perfectly located to cover the City of London or Europe within 60 minutes.

To see how we can help your organisation, please see our list of consultancy services, details of the services we offer or get in touch for more information.

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