The COVID-19 outbreak means that more people than ever are working remotely. With staff out of the office, data protection (data backups) are often overlooked. However, systems are more likely to suffer data loss.

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Because of this, and the impact that data loss can have on remote workers, IXCG is offering free data protection via its DataSafe platform. Until July 31st 2020, any organisation which tries the service for the first time will not be charged for data backup and recovery. All data is fully encrypted with AES-256 meaning that each user is the only person able to access their data. After this date, all data will be deleted unless you choose to keep using the service (which is normally 8p/GB/month (+VAT).

IXCG DataSafe is a fast, reliable and secure backup product which protects a wide range of devices, wherever they are. You can learn more here and request free data protection be completing this form:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is my data stored?

A. All data is held in the Google Cloud, in European datacentres.

Q. Can anyone access my data?

A. No. All data is transferred via secure (TLS) connections. Data at rest is protected by AES-256 encryption, meaning that only the user who specifies the encryption password can access it.

Q. How do I access my data?

A. This depends on which data you wish to recover. For Windows, Mac and Linux devices, you can download it via the web management portal (for individual files) or you can recover the whole operating system using the special recovery OS.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. IXCG provides security, disaster recovery and remote working services. By helping organisations during the COVID-19 outbreak, it allows them to stay in business and have a taster of the services we offer.