IXCG - 20 years

2020 marks IXCG’s 21st year of trading.

IXCG was originally founded to help large companies connect different computer systems, something which was extremely challenging at that time. In the late 1990s, there were considerably more operating systems than there were now and manufacturers often made communicating with their competitors systems challenging, if not impossible, to ensure that companies didn’t move to another vendor. The Internet was considered new, and not very well supported, but companies were keen to use it, even though the Internet Protocol (language) that it used was considered by many experts to be obsolete. IXCG specialised in finding solutions to these problems, allowing customers to get online and to move data freely between systems.

Today’s technology looks very different. The number of systems has dramatically reduced, the industry has standardised on Internet Protocol (IP) and although some older protocols still exist, vendors now make sure they they are fully compatible with IP. The Internet has also dramatically changed how people use and work with information and the Cloud has revolutionised how many organisations use technology. As these technologies have evolved over the last 21 years, IXCG has also evolved, helping organisations use them efficiently and securely.

To find out what has made IXCG a success for the last twenty one years – the way we help clients meet their technology objectives – contact us today.