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Expert security for an affordable monthly fee

IT security is a complicated business. Security threats change daily and failing to protect your client´s personal data can now result in a minimum fine of €10 million which is enough to see the closure of even a large organisation.

With specialist IT security staff in demand, meeting their security obligations in-house is well beyond the means of most organisations. So what can be done? Increasingly organisations are trusting Managed Security Service Providers, expert security companies, to provide the protection they have a legal obligation to provide.

To simplify things further, IXCG has partnered with Watchguard Technologies to provide IXCG Watchguard Secure, a managed security package which includes security hardware, software and management services.

Total hybrid protection

IXCG Watchguard Secure is a hybrid solution, comprising of on-premises hardware, cloud services and support.

Scaleable on-site hardware

On each site, we deploy a Watchguard Unified Threat Management firewall; a device which filters all traffic between your internal network(s) and the Internet and monitors activity on your internal network(s). We offer a wide range of firewalls, so we can ensure that your network traffic isn't affected by the monitoring. As well as monitoring for suspicious activity, the firewall also detects and removes viruses, spam email and blocks access to dangerous locations on the Internet.

Cloud services

In order to keep up to date abreast of the fast moving security threats, the onsite hardware is enhanced by a suite of cloud services which provide enhanced threat analysis, management and reporting functionality. Using the power of the cloud allows the solution to have access to a near instantly updated global catalogue of threats and provides the firewall with many times it´s own internal processing power.

Support and analysis

Being able to verify that your security system is working correctly and understand what threats it´s protecting you against is key with any security system. IXCG Watchguard Secure includes a full analytics portal which explains exactly what is happening in a clear and easy to understand format as well as providing periodic reports and alerts so you know exactly what is happening. If a security issue should occur, our security team will respond and remedy the issue without having to interrupt your ability to work. And, of course, we are here here to ensure that your firewall(s) are kept up to date and deal with any issues you have.

Flat monthly fee

Even though it is a legal requirement for most organisations, buying a firewall and security software can place a serious financial burden on an organisation. Luckily, IXCG Watchguard Secure is charged as a monthly service based on the size of your network and the number of sites you have. Protection starts at just £30 per month (plus VAT) for a small site.

For further information, pricing or to order, please contact IXCG today.