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IT security is a very high profile issue for most clients. Recent research by FireEye showed that, in 2014, hackers spent an average of 205 days inside company systems before being detected and a Gallup poll in 2014 showed that IT security issues featured as two of the top ten biggest concerns to US citizens.

With smaller budgets and less IT skills on hand, smaller organisations are now the prime target for many cyber criminals as they are less able to respond to security threats as well as physical thefts of equipment and data storage devices.

IXCG is able to provide a range of security services:

  • Physical and data audits to satisfy compliance requirements or highlight areas which need work.
  • Incidence response to locate and plug security holes after an attack.
  • Specifying, providing, installing and managing security equipment and services.

In a rapidly changing environment, IXCG is able to assist your business with the security advice you need to keep your customers and employees safe.