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Think your WiFi network is secure? Think again!

As radio signals can travel considerable distances, ensuring that only authorised users can use a wireless network and the data being transferred across it can't be read by anyone else, is a major challenge. The WiFi standards provide a number of methods securing wireless networks but, as fast as the standards evolve, hackers find ways to circumvent them, meaning the strongest methods only delay an attack.

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) if a method of protecting wireless networks from attackers by identifying them and preventing them from breaching the security features. WIPS is a requirement for many industries, such as those who accept or process credit or debit card payments, yet very few organisations realise that it isn't a standard part of most WiFi systems.

Airtight WIPS from Mojo Networks is a method of detecting and blocking attackers both before they can gain access or if they have already managed to breach the network. The system is completely automated, physically locating the intruder, preventing the breach and notifying the system manager of the attack. Centralised, cloud based management means that the system can be managed from any device, anywhere and there is no need to buy expensive management controllers. And the best news is that WIPS is built into every one of Mojo Networks extensive range of access point as standard, giving you the coverage you need without having to buy a separate WIPS system.

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