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IT poses a mix of fantastic opportunity and a raft of concerns for small and medium businesses. On one hand, it offers the chance of large productivity and growth boosts but, on the other, system outages and technical staffing requirements can damage these benefits. In addition, smaller organisations often have smaller IT budgets, meaning that the levels of staffing, training, equipment and services used by their larger competitors are out of their reach. In these cases, using an external support organisation makes sound financial sense but many support agreements only fix problems once they have occurred and productivity has been damaged.

At IXCG our focus in on making sure that we locate and address and issues before they become problems. By using the same technology and skills that we use for enterprise organisations, we analyse the small tell-tale signs that every IT system produces before problems occur and fix them. In cases which require on-site assistance, we make sure that we have put alternate methods of working so you can get back to business while we are on our way to you.

We are able to offer remote and on-site support and monitoring on a range of support levels to suite your needs.