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The term "Electronic waste" is used to cover two main areas of technology; disposal of physical electronic items and the disposal of the data on them. As both areas are covered are covered by strict legal requirements in order to prevent damage to the environment and the unauthorised release of sensitive data, ensuring that a legally compliant disposal plan is drawn up and followed is of the utmost importance to any organisation

Data disposal

Computer data is extremely hard to dispose of. Simply deleting files, formatting storage devices or even physically damaging them leaves data intact which can be recovered be anyone with readily available tools and basic IT skills. IXCG provide a number of guaranteed disposal methods all of which provide the highest level of data destruction (CESG) along with a certificate of destruction, a legal document to prove that the data has been fully destroyed.

Electronic equipment disposal

Electronic equipment can contain a number of hazardous elements which, if they get into the environment can pose a serious threat to life, which is why it's disposal is covered by the WEEE directive in Europe. IXCG provides a complete range of WEEE compliant services ensuring that your organisation meets all applicable laws

Data destruction starts at just £10 +VAT per device, placing it well within the budget of organisations of all sizes.