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In business, the easiest way of increasing profits is to lower your costs. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding the right energy and telecoms provider for your business, the process can be very complicated and often what seems like a fantastic offer in the short term can be very costly in the longer term. IXCG's Telecoms & Energy Brokerage Service is a free service where our expert staff locate the right telecoms and energy packages & providers for your business' individual needs. We are able to provide guidance for:

  • Gas and electricity tariffs and providers
  • Landline, Internet (SIP) and digital lines
  • Fixed and mobile Internet connections
  • Mobile telephone and data services
  • Supply and configuration of basic mobile handsets and smartphones
  • Contracts and service agreements
  • Unified billing and payment solutions for multiple services and properties

We are also able to provide a wide range of equipment from telephone exchange systems and desk telephones to Ethernet and Broadband routers and consultancy on choosing a solution to integrating it into your business' systems. Call our brokerage team today on 01277 280301 to see how much we can save your business.

In 2011 98% of business who used our brokerage service saved more than 35% on their telecoms and energy costs.